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  • info@rh-shipping.com

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Our company

We are an International Logistics operator. We transport from one box to a complete building.

We have a team of experts and the best technology that allows us offer integrated solutions in foreign trade, satisfying the specific needs of logistics and freight of our customers.

Our executives are highly trained to handle their shipments from the purchase order to the delivery, either in Import and export.

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Our Value Proposition

Available Spaces: Having the available spaces for its operations of International trading.

Innovation: Improve the way to provide the service.

Reliability: The ability to comply the promised delivery date, truthfulness.

Excellent service: Our ability to be proactive and to anticipate to the customer needs, have visibility of the entire chain of shipping, have reports of arrival of the vessel (estimated and actual).

Excellence in Service and Customer Focus

We are professionals sensitized to the general and individuals needs of each industry or urgency. Our analytical and proactive capability allows us offering valuable solutions and anticipate us to the events of everyday.


For us, nothing is more important than comply what we offer. Establish ties between the customer and us reinforces our commitment not to be a supplier only, but a business partner.


We continuously improve our processes and tools, stay one step forward in the market.

Custom service

Each client is different, for that, we offer a service that adapt to his transportation needs, care, cost or urgency, regardless of the type or size.

Total satisfaction

For us, there is no greater satisfaction than a satisfied customer with our service. Offer solutions that contribute to the growth and development of each company strengthens them and us as its strategic partner.