RH Shipping TMS handles three key processes in air, sea or land-bound transport:


RH Shipping TMS will establish the most efficient shipment schemes based on given parameters, which have a greater or lesser significance according to your predefined policies. For example, transport cost, transit time, timeliness, least possible stops in order to protect quality, and much more.

Transport Management Systems


RH Shipping TMS arranges any physical or administrative operations involved in transport, such as event-by-event tracking (shipment from point A, arrival at point B, customs clearance, etc.), reception of documents, customs clearance, billing, etc.


RH Shipping TMS shows its key performance indicators to the user and provides reporting functions for your supply chain, among some of the indicators are the following:

  • Performance percentage of delivery time from carrier
  • Transport expenditures by the company
  • Total number of shipments by region
  • Total number of monthly shipments
  • Average number of monthly shipments